How it works

Upload your song and edit

The length of the song determines how long your video is. You can use the full song or trim it down to make short promo videos.

Upload your song

Add/choose your clips

Choose from over 3500 stock clips or upload your own. The more clips you add, the better.

Choose your clips

Select a video edit style

Choose from over 40 different video edit styles, designed by music video directors and visual artists, to suit all music genres.

Select a style

Preview your video

Get a preview in minutes. Create another version to change it if you want. Once you’re happy get it in high res with or without text overlays.

Video preview

Add text overlays

Insert text or promotional messaging throughout your video.

Artist and track name

The Passion HiFi

Intro sample

Outro sample
Intros and outros

Buy your hi-res video and share your creation

Once you've bought your video, it's yours to do with as you please. Share it wherever you like – we don't keep any rights to your creations.

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